Inktober 2018 – Day 30

Art, Illustration, Ink

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Every morning, my entire high school life was spent being jolted awake by Mother pulling my big toe out of it’s socket. I was a night owl and I guess that’s what it took to get me going. That toe only bothers me now when the weather changes.

LillianBrueArt - jolt

Inktober 2018 – Day 6

Art, Illustration, Ink


I love taking pictures of animals when we visit relatives and friends. I feel they are posing and they are allowing me to get close ups of their sweet faces.

Tracy and her brother Grady belonged to my sons’ Dad. Those two golden labs would visit my house from time to time if their Dad was out of town. While the boys went about their business, I hung out with those two dogs swimming in the pool, rolling in the sand and dragging their smelly selves around the house. They were super fun and nice.

Grady was the attention hog and just begged to be touched all the time. Tracy would hang back and wish for the attention but didn’t want to interrupt Grady’s needs. She didn’t judge him for his neediness. She was patient while Grady got his. Grady wasn’t even aware of his selfishness or greed. They didn’t compete. They both got their needs met in different ways. Animals are great teachers.

Lessons learned: Don’t judge. What we think we might know about someone may not be true. Be patient. Everyone gets what ever they need in the perfect time and the perfect way.

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31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 4

Art, Pastel

The word for the day is Spell. In this instance I think of the three Graeae sisters in mythology. I loved learning mythology in school. Also, I was a big fan of all of Ray Harryhausen’s work. Jason and the Argonauts, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, the Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Mighty Joe Young to name a few. He brought so many creatures to life.

The Graeae were three sisters in Greek mythology, who shared one eye and one tooth among them. Their names were Deino (dread), Enyo (horror) and Pemphredo (alarm). They were the daughters of the sea gods Phorcys and Ceto, and sisters of the Gorgons. They took turns using their eye and their tooth. They didn’t cast spells, but they were witches.

In Clash of the Titans, the sisters were always arguing over who had the eye next. I think of them arguing, “Give me the eye! It’s my turn with the eye.” In fighting, they dropped their eye and Perseus stole it from them. Serves them right for not learning to share.

Strathmore pastel paper (salmon color) 400 series. 9×12 I limited my palette time and worked FAST! #HTP31in31img_8100

Telling the story through art

Art, Cigar Box, Encaustic Wax, Pastel, Photography

I had my first solo art show last year and these are some of the pieces that emerged for the presentation. These came together out of an experience and I’m ready to tell the story.

My Dad was sick and I needed to go home to Albuquerque.

Although I take my camera everywhere to catch inspiration, it’s a good place to hide behind. I took this shot of a plane being de-iced at the airport while heading out west to be with my Dad. It translated nicely to an encaustic on a cigar box.


December 26 getting de-iced

As life goes, my Dad passed and the night before the memorial service, we headed to Sandia Casino to drop my sons off for the night as there wasn’t enough room at my parents’ house. This is a shot from the Northeast Heights in Albuquerque where you can see the whole city below. Those guys managed to stay up all night and win $5000. They both felt like their Poppy was right there with them cheering them on.


To the casino

A month later I headed home. I made all of my connections and was stuck in the Dulles Airport where I was supposed to take a puddle jumper (literally, as the weather was bad) to Charlottesville, VA. My husband was waiting there for me. Oh, how much I missed him. They kept moving the flight, cancelling it, and finally we all boarded. Prop plane. In a storm. The lady I sat next to in the front row looks at me and says “we’re gonna die.” I answer “maybe you will, but I’m not dying.” So weird. We sat on the tarmac while being de-iced. Other planes next to us were getting their treatment. Ten minutes later…”This is the captain speaking. This flight has been cancelled.”


On the tarmac in the “death” plane January 27 – encaustic on a cigar box (sold)

Luckily for me, my son lives in D.C. where he rescued me from the airport. He drove us through that rainy night like a speed boat. I stayed behind my camera as I did not have on a life-preserver on. The next morning I took a train home. Pretzels and beer can be a complete meal.


The rescue from the airport – Pastel

We all have a story to tell and this one came out through my art. Who knew?