En Plein Air – What do the mountains want to look like today?

Art, En Plein Air, Pastel


Study, Week 3 of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’ve panned left some and zoomed out. Of course it is in my mind’s eye. I’ve included the small lake on the left and flat top is making his appearance. I started with a complimentary under painting of reds, oranges and purples. That day, the mountains wanted to be grayish. Hot day. Sun burned. So worth it. 11″ x 14″ Pastel on Sabretooth

En Plein Air

Art, En Plein Air, Pastel


This study is from week 2. The mountains wanted to be darker and purple. I panned somewhat left. The clear cut area came out rather smaller as I was focusing on the mountains and the trees. Part of the time I painted in the sun, so the painting came out darker. Funny how that works. Yes. I got a sunburn. 11″ x 14″ Pastel on Sabretooth

What color does the Mountain want to be today?

Art, En Plein Air, Pastel


I’ve been studying the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Peaks of Otter. This is the first painting in pastel. Painting outdoors is a challenge as the light changes just when you think you’ve made your last stroke. Of course you see some other beautiful light that must be painted. There are times to just let it go. I try to ask the mountains what color they want to be today. This day they wanted to be green as the light was very bright and straight overhead. I began with an underpainting of complimentary colors with an alcohol wash and pastels. 11″ x 14″ Pastel on Sabretooth