Sketching instead


Every morning I disappear into my phone. Where does that get me? How does that advance my skills? I sketched these pretty flowers from my husband. Is it perfect? No. I don’t care. It taps me in to the person I was who drew everyday. I’m working with values here mostly. Getting back to basics. So satisfying. #sketching #valuestudy #gettingbacktobasics #learning #meditative

The lily pads won’t be ignored

Art, En Plein Air, Pastel

The reflection pond called. The light from the clouds bounced off of the pond and the trees were admiring themselves. The lily pads were at the end of their glory, yet they wanted to be the focus. Isn’t this the process of creating? The steps to honing skills. Bringing color, light, and nature onto the paper. We shall see as they evolve. Monet. Where are you?

What color does the Mountain want to be today?

Art, En Plein Air, Pastel


I’ve been studying the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Peaks of Otter. This is the first painting in pastel. Painting outdoors is a challenge as the light changes just when you think you’ve made your last stroke. Of course you see some other beautiful light that must be painted. There are times to just let it go. I try to ask the mountains what color they want to be today. This day they wanted to be green as the light was very bright and straight overhead. I began with an underpainting of complimentary colors with an alcohol wash and pastels. 11″ x 14″ Pastel on Sabretooth