For Shari

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I have an accountability partner. Shari Sherman. We’ve been checking in with each other for the last six years. This week I committed to making an encaustic piece a day. Today I worked on a small piece today. I love those lone trees in the middle of a vast field. I call them witness trees. Who knows what they have seen as they’ve grown over the years. Imagine a 200 year old lifespan.

A lone tree guy was here cutting down the rest of the poplar leftover from the crew. This guy cut down this giant tree by himself. A matter of physics, spatial relations and just plain genius. Lots of chain sawing.

I have a plan for this witness tree piece. More to come…

The Promise Today

Art, Encaustic Wax, Mixed Media, Painting

I think this is a much stronger piece today. It was too sterile with the font so organized (yet not with the kerning issue…it’s a graphic designer thing).

I’m using a heat gun. The trick is to kiss the heat to the wax. If you look at your piece at an angle where the light is on the piece you’re fusing, you can see the wax become wet and then you are done. No need to keep heating after that. I was using a heat gun. I have used a small brûlée torch and it was great. One time I didn’t realize it was off because it was so quiet and burned the side of my hand. Uh…Ouch! I would like to use a bigger torch eventually, but I would need to learn how to use it confidently. I’ll probably go get a refill for my little torch so I can do some shellac burns (eyes widen with excitement).

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Lillian Brue Art - the promise

Encaustic Art

Encaustic, Mixed media, 5 x 7, unframed. Promise Yourself. A line from the Optimist’s Creed. By Lillian Brue




Promise Yourself

Art, Encaustic Wax, Painting

From the Optimist Creed:

“Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.”

Including leaving out the word ‘that.’ Or the kerning is not tight enough. I’m posting my art habit, good or bad. This will be different tomorrow. #encausticartist #doingthework #successhabits #discipline #ineeddeadlines

Lillianbrueart - the promiseLillianbrueart - the promise close up

31 Paintings in 31 Days

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I have been in a drought as Julia Cameron calls it in her book The Sound of Paper: Starting From Scratch. Oh, I have plenty of ideas, it’s just the creating of them that has me stalled. Well…NO MORE! I have taken on two challenges this month. Inktober with Jake Parker, where you use a prompted word and then draw in ink from that is one of my challenges. The other is 31 Paintings in 31 Days from How to Pastel by Gail Sibley.  In the pastel instance, I am using the same prompts as the Inktober. Today, October 1, is Poisonous.

For my pastel challenge I am offering up the humble Twinkie. In today’s world it seems that food that used to actually have taste and was delicious to eat is now a poison for our bodies. Unpronounceable ingredients, MSG disguised as “natural flavor”, fire retardants, yoga mats, dyes, genetically engineered food and who knows what else in our food. Why in the world would anyone in charge of a company put that kind of dreck out into the food chain for PEOPLE to eat? How do they sleep at night? Even Oreos taste like plastic now. Sigh. The best thing to do is buy real ingredients and cook for yourself everyday. It will make a difference in your life and your future. The only thing you really have is your health.

I used a charcoal paper. It did not have a lot of tooth. I really enjoyed it. So different than my preferred textured Sabretooth paper. Terry Ludwig pastel, handmade Terrages Diane Townsend, Unison and Rembrandt and a couple of Stabilo pastel pencils.  #HTP31in31


labrueart - Twinkie


Illustration, Ink

I’m participating in Inktober for the first time. It’s 31 days of ink drawings. I needed this exercise, so wish me the best. The prompt for October 1 is #poisonous. I think #gossip is poisonous. Sometimes, I want to let it rip; just wag my tongue about others. To what purpose? It’s just a reflection of what I have to work on. I know this…whenever I’ve judged someone, soon after I’ve let it come out of my mouth, I am doing the very same thing I’ve judged another. That’s instant Karma. Thus, the tale of the wagging tongues. #inktober #inktober2018


Mushroom Party continued – 2018

Mushrooms, Nature, Photography

These are the rest of the mushrooms we saw on our hike at New London Tech Trails in Bedford County. I can’t wait until we go back again to see what we can see.

LillianBrueARTCopyright 2018

The tiniest mushrooms we saw.

LillianBrue ArtCopyright2018

Some were growing on trees.

Lillian BrueArtCopyright2018


I love that mushrooms push their way through whatever.

Copyright 2018 - Lillian Brue Art

So earthy.


Never eat anything bigger than your head mushroom

Mushrooms, Nature, Photography


This mushroom was at least 16″ tall. See how the shadow of the leaves fits on the cap? I wish we would’ve thought to put a human next to it when taking its picture. This was on the hiking trail at New London Tech Trails.

Lillian BrueArt - Copyright 2018

I like the way the shadows of the leaves hit the top. It should give you an idea of how tall this was.


This mushroom was at least 16″ tall. What a treat to see.

Red Mushroom – 2018

Mushrooms, Nature, Photography

Isn’t this a handsome one? It’s so wonderful to walk through the woods and see these beauts peeking through the leaves. Once again our hike gave us a gift. New London Tech trails. Okay, because I do love to research, this is a Butyriboletus frostii

LillianBrue Art Copyright2018

Butyriboletus frostii or a red capped mushroom.

Orange Mushrooms

Mushrooms, Nature, Photography

More mushrooms from our hike on Bedford County’s New London Tech Trails. I thought about looking them up and naming them, but for now I just want to enjoy their color and beauty.

LillianBrueArt - copyright 2018

I cropped this because the colors and texture are so beautiful


Wider shot of this orange capped mushroom.

LillianBrueArt Copyright2018

Somebody took a bite.

LillianBrueArt MCopyright2018

Hmmm. I wonder what this mushroom will be when it grows up.

Colorful patterns at the market

Farmer's Market, Nature

It’s a bountiful time of year when the farmers bring their harvest to our community market and the farmer’s market in Forest. The fruits and vegetables are so beautifully arranged and always beg for a portrait. I love how they all line up for their close ups.

LillianBrueArt - copyright2018
Lillian BrueArt - copyright 2018
LillianBrueArt - copyright 2018