Inktober 2018 – Day 17

Art, Illustration, Ink, Markers

Swollen is the word today.

Makes me think of feet. It’s important to me to use my own photos because of copyright. I can’t believe how many pictures of feet I have. With shoes and without.

I swelled these up a bit and boo boo’d the veins and the nails are a bit long. Just saying.

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Inktober 2018 – Day 14

Art, Illustration, Ink

Clock. For twenty years I’ve been seeing 11:11. I don’t know what it means. Some say Angels are involved. So make a wish.

Pythagorus was full of more than theories and numbers are a universal language. If you break 1111 down it equals four.

What if we were getting messages all the time?

Bottom line….check in with yourself. Maybe your answers are there.

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Inktober 2018 – Day 4

Art, Illustration, Ink, Markers

Today’s word is spell.  In reviewing the word this was my thought: Come sit a spell and we can care for each other’s heart.

These two chairs were from a photo I took in Eagle’s Mere, PA. They were out back next to the summer house. I get attracted to something and I never know how the photo I take will come into play. #inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober

LillianBrueArt - Chairs

Inktober 2018 – Day 3

Art, Illustration, Ink

The prompt for today is Roasted. I’ve always trusted my instincts whenever the first thought came to my mind for an idea when I was designing for broadcasting and my first idea was the ROAST BEAST.

When I was a kid, every day we gathered as a family and had dinner together. Home cooked by my Mom. On Sundays we had a roast beef with the gravy and mash potatoes. My Grandma taught my Mother how to put whole cloves of garlic deep inside the roast. Those were coveted slices of garlicky goodness. Carrots and onion filled the bottom of the pan, along with mushrooms! Yum.

When I had my own family we weren’t always able to sit around the dinner table every night due to sports, work and general busyness. I did cook. Eating out every night is expensive with two athletes in the house. Honestly, Taco Bell did have some moments. Although one night I made tacos and I heard from my youngest who was very diplomatic “Mom, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but these tacos are not very professional.” So cute.

I instituted Sundays as a day of nothing. No friends, no going anywhere, eating homemade food all day long, movies and no one had to get dressed. Everyone needs a down day.

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Inktober 2018 – Day 2

Art, Illustration, Ink

The word for the day is Tranquil. All I could think of was something calm. Typing the word of the day makes me think of what we used to do in our department. We would come up with a word for the day and whenever anyone came in and actually used the word we would cheer! Just like in Pee Wee’s Playhouse. We were doing some serious work and needed some serious play. Yes, I encouraged that.

This is ink drawing from a photo our nephew PJ (used with permission) took in Eagles Mere, PA. during the winter. It is a special place and a touchstone for my husband’s family. I’m working quick, so I hope I did it justice to honor my family.

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Lillianbrueart - tranquil


Illustration, Ink

I’m participating in Inktober for the first time. It’s 31 days of ink drawings. I needed this exercise, so wish me the best. The prompt for October 1 is #poisonous. I think #gossip is poisonous. Sometimes, I want to let it rip; just wag my tongue about others. To what purpose? It’s just a reflection of what I have to work on. I know this…whenever I’ve judged someone, soon after I’ve let it come out of my mouth, I am doing the very same thing I’ve judged another. That’s instant Karma. Thus, the tale of the wagging tongues. #inktober #inktober2018


Illustration of the City of Lynchburg, VA

Art, Caricature, Fun, Graphic Design, Illustration, Inspiration, Posters

It’s finally done! This project took a little over three months to create. The best part about finishing and delivering these posters are the smiles I leave behind. It gives me so much joy….and I deserve that after the sleepless nights thinking about arranging everything to drawing all day. I got so focused that I had to put a timer on to walk during the day. I have a quote written above my computer monitor, “Movement is Life.” It reminds me to have balance.

I draw each building separately and then place them in relation to each other. There were graphic challenges along the way…rearranging some buildings towards the end of the project, redrawing some, adjusting colors. I also learned a lot. All part of the process. Life is better with good challenges. My favorite part is drawing the people. The fisherman is my husband who inspired me. He’ll get that whale some day.

Illustration of the City of Lynchburg Virginia

Fun Illustration of the City of Lynchburg, Virginia. 24″ x 36″

Illustration of the City of Lynchburg - Lillian Brue Paul Rothfuss

Paul goes for the whale!

It’s A Lie Bump

Acrylics, Altered Art Journals, Caricature, Illustration


When I was kid I would get a bump on my tongue from something that may have been too acidic or I was mildly allergic to. Of course I went looking to my mother for the answer. It was a lie bump. I never knew what I lied about. I was five. I never asked again.