En Plein Air – The Ugly, The Bad and The Good

Art, En Plein Air, Pastel

The Ugly, The Bad and The Good

Here is Week 11 of the Peaks. It was an interesting week. My inspiration had run dry. I decided to zoom in on Flat Top in my mind. It’s quite the evolution and this was the hardest to work through. The first one is as far as I got on location. The second one I added these ridges at home out of my memory. I felt lazy and did not want to add the clouds. I stepped back, squinted and called it good. I took the photo. Lo, and behold, it looked like a pile of stinky’ness left in the curb. Okay, Okay I say to the mountain, I’ll add your friends the clouds, while wiping away the “pile”. I put in shadows, purple and once again declared it done. I take a picture, email it to my painting partner and she sees a face in the middle of the mountain. I thought I was the only one who saw faces in things. ARgh. 


The final one is faceless and doesn’t look like a pile.

Pastel 11″ x 14″

En Plein Air- Week 4 and Flat Top

Art, En Plein Air, Pastel

Week four of studying the Blue Ridge Mountains. This time it’s Flat Top of the Peaks of Otter. There was a cloud covering the top. I painted as I saw it, but after a fair critique by someone who knows a lot more than me, I adjusted the cloud so it did not look like a volcano about ready to erupt. The 2nd one is the final. 11″ x 14″ Pastel on Sabretooth