Good little puppy, a commissioned drawing

Dog Portrait

I was asked to draw this sweet little guy as a thank you gift. I had a separate photo of the sign which was in a yard and the puppy was in the house. I did a quick sketch to get a layout with pup holding the logo and here’s the final drawing.

#coloredpencils #graphite #micronpens #gellypens #dogportrait

Sketching with oatmeal


Those salt and pepper shakers are challenging me. How to keep the integrity of the flower pattern and shading of the shakers themselves. Everything else is just the chorus line to these stars.

And no, I am not drawing with oatmeal. #tombowmarkers #prismacoloredpencils #pigmamicronpens #uniballsingowhitepen

Sketching instead


Every morning I disappear into my phone. Where does that get me? How does that advance my skills? I sketched these pretty flowers from my husband. Is it perfect? No. I don’t care. It taps me in to the person I was who drew everyday. I’m working with values here mostly. Getting back to basics. So satisfying. #sketching #valuestudy #gettingbacktobasics #learning #meditative