Dandelion on Cigar Box

Encaustic Wax
Lillian Brue Art - Encaustic Cigar Box Dandelion

Lillian Brue Art – Dandelion on Cigar Box – Encaustic medium


Dandelion Close up

Dandelion on Cigar Box – Encaustic medium by Lillian Brue




Encaustic Wax on Cigar Boxes

Art, Cigar Box, Encaustic Wax, Pastel

I love to take close up photos of flowers, mushrooms, and bugs. I translated some of these flowers onto the bottom of cigar boxes using encaustic wax. Encaustic medium is beeswax and resin. I heat up the beeswax and brush it onto the base. I also use a heat gun to fuse the layers and add pastels for the colors. My Flower Series is hanging at Magnolia Foods http://magnoliafoods.com/ until October 1.

I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.