Rainy Today by Lillian Brue

Rainy Today

Pastel 11"x 14" unframed


Cloudy Today by Lillian Brue

Cloudy Today

Pastel 11″x 14″ unframed


This tree always seemed to be in the way of the moutain. I let it take center stage and it bowed. Tree taking its’ bow by Lillian Brue

Tree taking its’ bow

Pastel 11″x 14″ unframed


Lillian Brue Art The rescue from the airport

Rescue from the Airport

Pastel, 11" x 14" unframed


Lillian Brue Art On the way to the casino

To the Casino

Pastel, 11″ x 14″ unframed


That Day_Brue
That Day by Lillian Brue

That Day

Pastel, 22" x 30" beautifully framed


Trees on the pond by Lillian Brue

Trees on the pond

Pastel 9" x 12" framed with a matte, gold


Lillian Brue Art - Pastel of the orchards done
Seaman’s Orchard by Lillian Brue

Seaman’s Orchard

Pastel, 11"x 14" unframed


LillianBrueArt - chapel at the Old City Cemetery Lynchburg
Chapel at the Old City Cemetery by Lillian Brue

Chapel at the Old City Cemetery

Pastel, 11"x 14" unframed


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