Rainy Today

Pastel 11"x 14" unframed



Cloudy Today

Pastel 11″x 14″ unframed



This tree always seemed to be in the way of the moutain. I let it take center stage and it bowed.

Tree taking it’s bow

Pastel 11″x 14″ unframed


Lillian Brue Art The rescue from the airport

Rescue from the Airport

Pastel, 11" x 14" unframed


Lillian Brue Art On the way to the casino

To the Casino

Pastel, 11″ x 14″ unframed


That Day_Brue

That Day by Lillian Brue

That Day

Pastel, 22" x 30" beautifully framed



Trees on the pond. 9 x 12 Pastel on Pastelmat

Fall Arrived

Pastel 9" x 12" framed with a matte, gold


Lillian Brue Art - Pastel of the orchards done

Seaman’s Orchard

Pastel, 11"x 14" unframed


LillianBrueArt - chapel at the Old City Cemetery Lynchburg

Chapel at the Old City Cemetery

Pastel, 11"x 14" unframed



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