Fun Maps/Puzzles

Lynchburg, Virginia Fun Map

Hi! I’m Lillian Brue, the illustrator of the Lynchburg Fun Map. I am the featured artist in Lynchburg Living Magazine. You can read the article here.

These caricature maps take me three months to draw. Each building is individually illustrated and then added to the main map for placement. The buildings and people are next to their neighbors in a fun way. I always place myself in the map doing something. Can you find me in each one?

The best thing about creating these fun cities is when I deliver them to my clients! I love seeing their faces light up.

Would you like to have an illustration of your city? Contact me to learn more.

The Lynchburg poster and puzzle can be found at Givens Books and Little Dickens

3 thoughts on “Fun Maps/Puzzles

  1. I emailed you a few months ago about including my theater on the next Fun Map Poster you do for Lynchburg. I am the owner of the discount theater, Venue Cinemas, located in the Plaza shopping center. I am still interested. Please let me know what i need to do to be included next time. Thanks.


    1. Hi Tina
      I would have loved putting you on the poster. Unfortunately, I will not be making another caricature of Lynchburg as this was a limited edition.

      Thank you so much for being interested.


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