31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 23

Art, Nature, Painting, Pastel

Today’s word…muddy. In St. Augustine, we lived by the inter-coastal waterway where everyday we could watch the tides change while the sun set. Mesmerizing. #HTP31in31



31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 16

Art, Painting, Pastel

When I thought of the word angular, I thought of Superman’s jaw. Ha! This is a practice in perspective and a busy traffic scene. So much going on in the picture I took. I don’t like the paper I used for this scene. I’ll try other kinds. Goodnight.

Strathmore 400 series. White. #HTP31in31 #habit #discipline #deadlines #dothework

31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 15

Art, Painting, Pastel

Today the prompt is weak.

I don’t know why I think of this picture I took of all these chairs when I think of weak. In Steubenville, Ohio there was a charitable resale shop and everyday the gentlemen employed would put out these chairs for resale. Every night they put everything away.

I love patterns in nature, in things, fruits, vegetables. It’s those orderly things Virgos relate to. Or just me.

All these lounge chairs, personal sitting spaces that gathered together outdoors in the sun.

What memories did they hold? What did the people think when they sat there? What energies linger?

#HTP31in31 #habit #discipline #deadlines #dothework

31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 12

Art, Painting, Pastel

Whale today. I don’t like to take a literal route, but okay, I will whale this time.  It did make me think about the time I was got picked to be kissed by Shamu! Seaworld, San Diego. I was 20 and whose brain works at that age? Shamu is an Orca, a killer whale! That animal could have taken my head off. The trainer was standing next to me and gave me a stern caution to not move. I was a frozen fish with legs. Gulp. I was not smiling. I don’t even like dogs kissing me.

#HTP31in31 Strathmore Paper 400 series. blue tint.


31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 6

Art, Painting, Pastel, sketching

Drooling is the word today.

Paul’s youngest daughter was visiting us and I gave her the whirlwind tour of St. Augustine. We went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not, why not? Room after room filled with oddities. Just as we got to the end we turned the corner and we both jumped. A BEAR! We both clinged to each other and tried to get by it. I know my heart was pounding. It was so real-ly stuffed.

While that bear may not have been drooling…we were…from the scare.

Strathmore Pastel 400 series Salmon color. Trying to keep my palette small. Terry Ludwig, Schmincke, and Rembrandt pastels. #HTP31in31


31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 5

Art, Fun, Painting, Pastel, sketching

I’ve only been looking at the prompts for Inktober the day of so I can be quick about what to create. Last night I glanced at the list and it is Chicken today.

A lot of problem solving and AHA’s come to me while doing the dishes and I knew I wanted to paint one of my rooster photos.. This is what happens in our house; I call out, “Honey, is a rooster a chicken or is a rooster just a rooster?” Husband answers, “Is a man a human, or is a man just a man?” Problem solved.

Just trying to be true to the challenge, my first rooster chicken. I can see where I can improve. This is progress.

Once again Strathmore Pastel 400 series, salmon color, 9 x 12. Funny how white turns out blue against this paper. #HTP31in31  img_8106