The American Goldfinch

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Yellow is an impulse color or as it was told to me when I worked in broadcasting. We would ‘push’ the yellows above the chroma/brightness level to just stay legal on the scope when putting fonts on the screen. When it aired, while watching your television the yellow would create a ‘buzz’ in the signal causing the viewer to pay attention…wondering what is that buzz? Buzz. Buzz.

The goldfinch has that buzz about them so that every time I see one I stop in my tracks and pay attention. So beautiful.

Male American Goldfinch


The Downy Woodpecker

Birds, Nature, Photography

These little downy woodpeckers are constantly at the feeder. We watched one just sit there on the suet and not move for the longest time. Perhaps she was food drunk and was just steadying herself. That was the story we told ourselves with grins on our faces. All this bird feeding…does it do the birds a disservice? Shouldn’t they be gathering their own food? I do know it brings nature a bit closer and the birds give interesting lessons about living.

Male Downy Woodpecker
Female Downy Woodpecker
Such a beautiful back.
Who is feeding whom?
Male downy woodpecker

The brown-headed cowbird

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This couple of brown-headed cowbirds were such a treat. So much personality. Pretty coloring. I haven’t seen them since this picture was taken. I guess they were stopping by for the day.

Male and female brown-headed cowbird
Male and female brown-headed cowbird

Immature Red-Bellied Woodpecker

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Watching this baby red-bellied woodpecker was fascinating. His head hasn’t gotten red yet like his parents. AND, I did not know that woodpeckers had tongues! It makes sense. Pecking into the wood probably doesn’t accomplish getting at all the bugs they find. Makes me think of them as “flying ant eaters.” Ha!

Immature red-bellied woodpecker
Immature red-bellied woodpecker
Immature red-bellied woodpecker

Pileated Woodpeckers

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There is something primal and prehistoric about the pileated woodpecker. In watching them, they cock their heads to tune their ears into the minute critters living inside of wood…especially the porch. Ha! Seeing this bird seems like a rarity and it gives me the good feeling that I am going to have a great day. We live in their territory which bodes well in my heart. The male has the most intense yellow eyes; his pupils always dilated. Unfortunately, none of the photos I took were focused enough to show the details. The female however has dark eyes with no pupil that I can see. She’s as big as he is. Both so beautiful.

Female Pileated Woodpecker ©LaBrue Creative
Male Pileated Woodpecker ©LaBrue Creative

31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 2

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The thing about being an artist is experimenting. If you’re on all the time and everything that you create is for monetizing, then the freedom to experiment feels VERY limited. I say it’s time to make BAD art and let the muse have its way with me.

Today’s painting for 31 Paintings in 31 Days is my idea of tranquil. Side note: Two of my artist coworkers while working, would look up words on Dictionary. com and use the voice from the site to speak to each other. So hilarious. It certainly did relieve the pressure in our department.

This is from a picture I took of a stream. (squinting helps in this situation as you can not step back from it) A frozen moment in time. Whatever action comes before or after a picture will never be known to anyone but you. An old friend posing, a child in a costume, a family gathering. A breakup soon after the picture, the child has a meltdown, the family walks away in all directions.

To keep in the spirit of the challenge, I’m still using the charcoal paper and I have to keep in mind that I can only put so many layers on it before it gets muddy. These were combinations of all kinds of pastels. Can you guess? My favorites are the Terry Ludwig. Those are the square ones. So soft. Unison, Schmincke, Mount Vision, and Rembrandts.

The last picture is called Smithereens. Dropping pastels are like bombs. Fortunately, they can still be used even in this state, without the hair and pastel dust.


lillianbrueart - pastel day2lillianbrueart - pastelday2lillianbrueart - smithereens

The itsy bitsy spider

Bugs, Nature

I love bugs! There are more of them than there are of us. They are an individual collective. Spiders are wonderful as long as they are not living in my house.

I did wrestle with a Wolf spider once. I don’t like killing them but this one was preventing me from doing laundry. Lord knows I wanted to do that task. When I hit it with one of my son’s giant shoes and nailed it, all the babies that I did not see rushed off. Yeah. I prefer to use natural products in most all cases, but the bug spray came out for that event.

I have wondered how many spiders I have swallowed in my sleep, mouth agape. Let’s not go there.

I have spiders all over the porch where I paint. In some circles spiders are considered signs of creativity. I’ll take that.


Lillian BrueArt - Copyright 2018

An early morning rainbow

LillianBrue Art Copyright 2018

The inhabitant

LillianBrueArt -copyright 2018

Smile for your closeup

LillianBrueArt - copyright 2018

This morning taking a bath