31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 25

Art, Nature, Pastel

Today is prickly. Did you know that the seeds from cacti sting too?

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31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 2

Art, Nature, Painting, Pastel

The thing about being an artist is experimenting. If you’re on all the time and everything that you create is for monetizing, then the freedom to experiment feels VERY limited. I say it’s time to make BAD art and let the muse have its way with me.

Today’s painting for 31 Paintings in 31 Days is my idea of tranquil. Side note: Two of my artist coworkers while working, would look up words on Dictionary. com and use the voice from the site to speak to each other. So hilarious. It certainly did relieve the pressure in our department.

This is from a picture I took of a stream. (squinting helps in this situation as you can not step back from it) A frozen moment in time. Whatever action comes before or after a picture will never be known to anyone but you. An old friend posing, a child in a costume, a family gathering. A breakup soon after the picture, the child has a meltdown, the family walks away in all directions.

To keep in the spirit of the challenge, I’m still using the charcoal paper and I have to keep in mind that I can only put so many layers on it before it gets muddy. These were combinations of all kinds of pastels. Can you guess? My favorites are the Terry Ludwig. Those are the square ones. So soft. Unison, Schmincke, Mount Vision, and Rembrandts.

The last picture is called Smithereens. Dropping pastels are like bombs. Fortunately, they can still be used even in this state, without the hair and pastel dust.


lillianbrueart - pastel day2lillianbrueart - pastelday2lillianbrueart - smithereens

The itsy bitsy spider

Bugs, Nature

I love bugs! There are more of them than there are of us. They are an individual collective. Spiders are wonderful as long as they are not living in my house.

I did wrestle with a Wolf spider once. I don’t like killing them but this one was preventing me from doing laundry. Lord knows I wanted to do that task. When I hit it with one of my son’s giant shoes and nailed it, all the babies that I did not see rushed off. Yeah. I prefer to use natural products in most all cases, but the bug spray came out for that event.

I have wondered how many spiders I have swallowed in my sleep, mouth agape. Let’s not go there.

I have spiders all over the porch where I paint. In some circles spiders are considered signs of creativity. I’ll take that.


Lillian BrueArt - Copyright 2018

An early morning rainbow

LillianBrue Art Copyright 2018

The inhabitant

LillianBrueArt -copyright 2018

Smile for your closeup

LillianBrueArt - copyright 2018

This morning taking a bath

Mushroom Party continued – 2018

Mushrooms, Nature, Photography

These are the rest of the mushrooms we saw on our hike at New London Tech Trails in Bedford County. I can’t wait until we go back again to see what we can see.

LillianBrueARTCopyright 2018

The tiniest mushrooms we saw.

LillianBrue ArtCopyright2018

Some were growing on trees.

Lillian BrueArtCopyright2018


I love that mushrooms push their way through whatever.

Copyright 2018 - Lillian Brue Art

So earthy.


Never eat anything bigger than your head mushroom

Mushrooms, Nature, Photography


This mushroom was at least 16″ tall. See how the shadow of the leaves fits on the cap? I wish we would’ve thought to put a human next to it when taking its picture. This was on the hiking trail at New London Tech Trails.

Lillian BrueArt - Copyright 2018

I like the way the shadows of the leaves hit the top. It should give you an idea of how tall this was.


This mushroom was at least 16″ tall. What a treat to see.

Red Mushroom – 2018

Mushrooms, Nature, Photography

Isn’t this a handsome one? It’s so wonderful to walk through the woods and see these beauts peeking through the leaves. Once again our hike gave us a gift. New London Tech trails. Okay, because I do love to research, this is a Butyriboletus frostii

LillianBrue Art Copyright2018

Butyriboletus frostii or a red capped mushroom.

Orange Mushrooms

Mushrooms, Nature, Photography

More mushrooms from our hike on Bedford County’s New London Tech Trails. I thought about looking them up and naming them, but for now I just want to enjoy their color and beauty.

LillianBrueArt - copyright 2018

I cropped this because the colors and texture are so beautiful


Wider shot of this orange capped mushroom.

LillianBrueArt Copyright2018

Somebody took a bite.

LillianBrueArt MCopyright2018

Hmmm. I wonder what this mushroom will be when it grows up.

Mushroom party – 2018

Mushrooms, Nature, Photography

We tried the newly opened New London Tech Trails in Bedford county. We walked the blue loop. It was 90 degrees and a bit schvitzy. What a great trail! It felt like we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway closer to home. There was a mushroom PARTY in those woods.

Lillian BrueArt - Copyright2018

Mushrooms along the trail at New London Tech Trails in Bedford County. 

Lillian Brue Art Copyright2018

These are big mushrooms!!!