Illustration of the City of Lynchburg, VA

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It’s finally done! This project took a little over three months to create. The best part about finishing and delivering these posters are the smiles I leave behind. It gives me so much joy….and I deserve that after the sleepless nights thinking about arranging everything to drawing all day. I got so focused that I had to put a timer on to walk during the day. I have a quote written above my computer monitor, “Movement is Life.” It reminds me to have balance.

I draw each building separately and then place them in relation to each other. There were graphic challenges along the way…rearranging some buildings towards the end of the project, redrawing some, adjusting colors. I also learned a lot. All part of the process. Life is better with good challenges. My favorite part is drawing the people. The fisherman is my husband who inspired me. He’ll get that whale some day.

Illustration of the City of Lynchburg Virginia

Fun Illustration of the City of Lynchburg, Virginia. 24″ x 36″

Illustration of the City of Lynchburg - Lillian Brue Paul Rothfuss

Paul goes for the whale!


It’s A Lie Bump

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When I was kid I would get a bump on my tongue from something that may have been too acidic or I was mildly allergic to. Of course I went looking to my mother for the answer. It was a lie bump. I never knew what I lied about. I was five. I never asked again.

Altered Art Journal Swap – What Touches My Soul

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Two pages of what Touches My Soul

My altered art journal group meets once a month. There are now 22 of us and we all have a theme. We swap the journals and create our interpretation of what their theme means to us.  I had completed my journal pages in”What Touches My Soul,” and included the space shuttle program as one of the things that touched me.

Synchronicity showed up when I found out that Astronaut Leland Melvin was speaking at the Academy Center of the Arts here in Lynchburg. I brought the journal with me. Astronaut Melvin was sharing his photographs of earth and stories of his career. How could he not be changed by that experience. Check out some of his photographs


Astronaut Leland Melvin photo copyright NASA Twitter @Astro_Flow

I was so star struck. I lived in Florida during the entire Shuttle program. Every shuttle launch and landing brought tears to my eyes. The amazement touched my heart. I worked in broadcasting all my life and I had the opportunity to be two miles from a launch in the press area. What power!

I witnessed the explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger.

I scanned the news the day when Columbia was supposed to land. There was no breaking of the sound barrier BOOM on that Saturday. No one had to call or page me, I just went into work. You get a thick skin working in a news organization but this hurt.

I could watch the countdown on TV and go outside and see the shuttle go up. On one night launch, the horizon lit up and as the shuttle hit the clouds, (I was standing in the middle of my street) the wind from the force of its’ launch hit me. It was amazing! Mankind is capable of such achievements and such lows. I miss the Space Shuttle program.

I’ve met a lot of famous people in my career and never asked for anyone for an autograph. Astronaut Leland Melvin signed the journal. I admit, I was nervous when I asked him. The owner of this journal now has a special gift. I’m such a nerd.

Altered Art Journals

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The theme of this journal is Adventure. I kept thinking what kind of adventures can one have. I could highlight trips I’ve taken. I could think of times in nature. Moving. Jobs. Conventions. Coming up with ideas for art journals is a process.


And then…my art friend, Shari Sherman (who I call the girl with the paint on her hands) created this piece in my first art journal a number of years back. Why not create The Adventures of Lillibeans, the Adult. Enjoy.


Altered Art Journals

Altered Art Journals, Art, Illustration

I started an Altered Art Journal group here in Lynchburg. We meet once a month. Everyone has a theme for their Journal and we swap them with each other. This is my addition to the theme “Pictures from Life’s Other Side” It’s an editorial on how people live when we get behind closed doors. We all have choices. You can choose to grow, learn and enhance your life, or you can lead your life to ruin. This is a pop-up book. So fun to make!


Being a Creative

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