Pastel Tulips

Art, Flowers, Nature, Painting, Pastel, Photography

Experimenting with pastels on black gesso on paper. 24”x 36” It was fast and fun!! Looser than I’m used to. This was from a picture of tulips I took. My favorite flower. #tulips #pastels #black #largepainting #paintbigorgohome #virginiaartist #roanokeartist


The Mockingbird

Birds, Nature, Photography

I’ve been observing mockingbirds for a long time. They like to nest lower to the ground and aren’t afraid to dive bomb any living creature. Cats and crows especially. Look into those eyes. They see YOU. They perch high on a branch, the top of a tree or pole and sing everyone else’s songs. All the while eyeing YOU. When mockingbirds show up at the feeder, all the other birds scatter quickly. I want to be that fierce.

Mockingbird ©Lillian Brue
Mockingbird ©Lillian Brue
Mockingbird ©Lillian Brue