31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 21

Art, Painting, Pastel

Drain is the subject today. I like the paper having little texture for this application.

Strathmore Charcoal paper laid finish. 64 lb. 9 x 12


Inktober 2018 – Day 21

Art, Illustration, Ink

Drain. Makes me think of shopping at Wal-Mart.

I have always been a sensitive person to others’ energy. I can be mad, sad, annoyed, happy…instantaneously and it is not mine. My son used to make me promise that if I went into Wal-Mart with him I would not get mad. People would stand too close to me and then, boom my promise would be broken. My superpower is invisibility, so I do not mind when people do not see me, except when they almost run into me. I was two feet from the deli counter at Fresh Market and this woman stepped in front of me. She did not even see me. She stood next to me after that and I said to her “we almost kissed.” It was as if I woke her from a spell. “Oh,” she says, “I wanted to look in the case, sorry.” Most people are very polite here in the state of Vurrrr-gin-ya.

There are the people who are so polite, they make themselves so small they cannot even say excuse me. When I can feel someone standing near me, I look around, and I can just tell the person is silently fuming or wishing me to move without even speaking. How small can they make themselves? How long had they been standing there? Apologizing for being alive. SPEAK UP, JACK. You are here in the world for a reason and a purpose. Find your voice and use it.

I am no longer drained by Wal-Mart. I observe these days, rather than being affected by the flow of humanity.

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LillianBrueArt - Drain


Inktober 2018 – Day 19

Art, Illustration, Ink


I figured out how to make brown rice. It’s perfect every time. I put it in a sauce pan, heat it until it starts popping. I add water and boil until it’s al dente. Perfect.

Unless…I heat it on high and walk away for something shiny, forget the rice is on HIGH and the rice burns to the pan. I run to the stove, put the pan on the carpet on the porch thinking “hot pad.” Guess what? That hot pad melted onto the bottom of the pot. All kinds of chemicals stuck to the pot. Black rice in the bottom of the pan.

I was living an I love Lucy episode. I used to watch I love Lucy when I was four. She frustrated me when she would get into trouble. I would watch wishing she wouldn’t do those crazy things she would get involved in.

Me and rice are going to pay attention to each other from now on.

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Inktober 2018 – Day 17

Art, Illustration, Ink, Markers

Swollen is the word today.

Makes me think of feet. It’s important to me to use my own photos because of copyright. I can’t believe how many pictures of feet I have. With shoes and without.

I swelled these up a bit and boo boo’d the veins and the nails are a bit long. Just saying.

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