31 Paintings in 31 Days – Day 9

Art, Pastel

I thought I would stay with Jude for the description of Precious today. I always put a little red dot in his eyes whenever I draw him. Jude is the subject of a lot of stories that always have some kind of twist. This was before the groomer. The first thing I thought of was Silence of the Lambs and he just happens to be the same kind of dog that “starred” in that movie.

I was working on a commissioned piece and had a challenge with it. As I let a layer dry on it, I painted Jude. I was having performance anxiety on this pup because of what I was working through on the other piece and doubts crept in. Creating art is being brave. No matter what the voices in my head say. Scribbling away got me calm. I can go back to the first work now…..

Back to the Strathmore 400 series, blue today. I used ten different pastels.



Jude needs a hair cut.

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