31 Paintings in 31 Days

Art, Pastel

I have been in a drought as Julia Cameron calls it in her book The Sound of Paper: Starting From Scratch. Oh, I have plenty of ideas, it’s just the creating of them that has me stalled. Well…NO MORE! I have taken on two challenges this month. Inktober with Jake Parker, where you use a prompted word and then draw in ink from that is one of my challenges. The other is 31 Paintings in 31 Days from How to Pastel by Gail Sibley.  In the pastel instance, I am using the same prompts as the Inktober. Today, October 1, is Poisonous.

For my pastel challenge I am offering up the humble Twinkie. In today’s world it seems that food that used to actually have taste and was delicious to eat is now a poison for our bodies. Unpronounceable ingredients, MSG disguised as “natural flavor”, fire retardants, yoga mats, dyes, genetically engineered food and who knows what else in our food. Why in the world would anyone in charge of a company put that kind of dreck out into the food chain for PEOPLE to eat? How do they sleep at night? Even Oreos taste like plastic now. Sigh. The best thing to do is buy real ingredients and cook for yourself everyday. It will make a difference in your life and your future. The only thing you really have is your health.

I used a charcoal paper. It did not have a lot of tooth. I really enjoyed it. So different than my preferred textured Sabretooth paper. Terry Ludwig pastel, handmade Terrages Diane Townsend, Unison and Rembrandt and a couple of Stabilo pastel pencils.  #HTP31in31


labrueart - Twinkie

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