Paint Out Lynchburg 2

En Plein Air

I was in the shade most of the day. My snack was a boiled egg and that little sucker popped out of my hand and started rolling down the sidewalk. Argh. Don’t judge me. I rinsed it off and ate it like that pack of dogs in A Christmas Story. I think the term starving artists came out of how hungry you get when you’re creating. Between paintings I went to the Community Market for some meat on a stick! Sat in the sun. Glorious! Food, water, sun. What else is there, except for art! Too many exclamations?! This is the final of Mrs. Joys Absolutely Fabulous Treats. Such a bright palette. After loosening up on The Virginian Hotel painting, this one really flowed. Enjoy. #mrsjoysabsolutelyfabuloustreats #pleinairpainting #pastels #paintoutlynchburg

Paint Out Lynchburg

En Plein Air

I painted outside today after almost a year. I hadn’t touched my pastels either. I’ve been using acrylics. I felt rusty. I felt like I was overworking the painting. I even put a light pole right in the middle of the painting. What?! After getting rid of that and just trying to loosen up and enjoy the process I feel that I came up with a finished piece. The Virginian Hotel is being restored and it’s beautiful inside and out.

#TheVirginianHotel #pleinairpainting #paintoutlynchburg #pastels

Good little puppy, a commissioned drawing

Dog Portrait

I was asked to draw this sweet little guy as a thank you gift. I had a separate photo of the sign which was in a yard and the puppy was in the house. I did a quick sketch to get a layout with pup holding the logo and here’s the final drawing.

#coloredpencils #graphite #micronpens #gellypens #dogportrait

Art Journal – Migrating Monarch butterflies


Our altered art journal group met today and we exchanged books. This book is themed “migration.” I remember seeing a documentary about how Monarch butterflies migrate. There was this fantastic video of Monarch butterflies covering everything. I imagined myself there with all the colors and wings fanning each other. All of them communicating somehow. Wings causing a storm somewhere in the world. To stand in the middle of all that….with my T-shirt heralding my superpower on it. The giant “I” of invisibility. I even put a 3-D butterfly to give it dimension.