En Plein Air – The mountains call for a wash in Week 5

Art, En Plein Air, Pastel

In this week five I focused on the Peaks of Otter (sometimes I call them the twin peaks because I can). I wanted to show the progression and remembered to take pictures of my work. This is an 11″ x 14″ Pastel on Sabretooth.

The first layer or under painting is the alcohol wash. The dark color is a green. After using black so much in my graphic design work, I stay away from it. I lay down swaths of color and spray 91% Isopropyl alcohol on the paper or my brush and start swiping. lillian-brue-art-peaks-1

The wash dries fast and I approach the painting with a vine charcoal stick, just to get shapes and define where I want things to go. Vine charcoal sticks are great for under painting pastels. lillian-brue-art-peaks-2

I got bolder with the colors in the third picture. If I could only stop there. lillian-brue-art-peaks-3

I defined the mountains more.lillian-brue-art-peaks-4

There’s a little gap in progression, as I was busy with the trees and small pond.lillian-brue-art-peaks-5

I softened the mountains and added the clouds. lillian-brue-art-peaks-6

The final version shows cloud shadows. This is what the mountains wanted to be today.lillian-brue-art-final-peaks


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